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Remains of 100 cats squirrels and rats found in French man’s home

PARIS (Reuters) – The mutilated bodies of 100 cats and the remains of squirrels and rats have been found in the home of an elderly man in France. According to the International News Agency, an 81-year-old man was hospitalized in Nice, France, when his nephew informed the police about the presence of animal remains in the house.

Police and the animal protection organization raided the home and found 100 cats dead, mostly in plastic and wooden boxes, while the remains of one cat lay on a sofa that had been torn apart by other cats. Remains of squirrels and rats have also been found in the house of this lone retired man. The leader of the animal protection organization said the cats were kept in wooden and plastic containers after death.

The cats were rescued alive from two boxes when a dog’s jaw was also found. More than 20 malnourished cats were also found in the house in critical condition and have been shifted to the animal hospital. According to Flap, president of the Animal Welfare Organization, the elderly suffer from a mental illness called “Noah’s Syndrome” in which the patient has a habit of collecting large numbers of animals, but not even the basic needs of animals. Doesn’t make sense.

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