Now the real piano is printed on paper

NEW YORK: A company has printed piano keys on plain paper that touch to make music stand out. It is developed using NFC technology. With NFC technology we handle data sharing, contact lens payments and more. Now the Perilonic company has printed a few piano keys on a piece of ordinary paper that sounds like a piano. Founded in 2007, the company has a global reputation for making batteries, displays, sensors and other electrical circuits on paper.


First, he created an interactive paper using the latest technology in NFC and circuit printing. Thanks to this, we have a very modern type of light paper electronics, the uses of which are also unlimited. First a simple keyboard was printed on paper with a laser printer. The conductor carbon was then drawn on the back of the paper sheet. Another sheet was taken and the circuit was printed on it. Now a very small NFC chip is installed under the keyboard.

Now the chip sheet is placed on top of the circuit paper so that the top sheet becomes the interface. An app for music was created on a smartphone and placed on top of the NFC chip on the left side of the keyboard. The paper piano was electrified as it reached through the phone antenna. Now whenever one of the 8 piano buttons was pressed and the sound started coming from the speaker. This important invention can now be used in games, education, and advertising.

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