The head of the company fired 900 employees at a zoom meeting

Washington: The CEO of a large company called a zoom meeting and fired hundreds of employees during the same meeting. The meeting was attended by 900 people and everyone who was present at the meeting was expelled. If you are attending this meeting and listening to me, you belong to the unfortunate group that has been fired,” said Vishal Garg, CEO of He said that the termination of employment is taking effect immediately.

Kevin Ryan, the company’s CFO, said it was a painful decision to fire at this crucial time of the year. Kevin said the real estate market has changed a lot. However, Vishal said there were also performance, quality and production issues behind the layoffs. He said some employees barely worked two hours a day and were involved in theft from customers or their own colleagues. However, he did not elaborate on the word theft.

However, Forbes and other analysts have said that the giant has been sending harsh emails to its employees in the past in which it called them lazy dolphins. According to another website, the giant has also been doing kinship. However, 900 people were present at the Zoom meeting, which is no longer part of Thus, 15% of the company’s employees have been fired before Christmas.

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