The world’s first face recognition search engine has received a patent

California: Already a controversial company, Claire View has created a search engine based on artificial intelligence that is ‘the world’s first face recognition search engine’. Its full name is Claire View AI, which has also recently partnered with several law enforcement agencies in the United States. A search engine patent application was filed in August 2020, which was granted last week. But now he has to pay a hefty fee.

In an interview with a news website, the head of Claire View, Huan Ton Thaha, said that his invention was the first platform of its kind to use “massive Internet data”. This data will be used in facial recognition. For this, he will take out billions of images from social media which is called data scraping. According to the company, its data contains ten billion images. But human rights and privacy experts have expressed concern about the process. He called on the legislature to protect people’s privacy and personal information in the light of new technology.

The International Organization for Human Rights could not remain silent on this invention. Matt Mahmoudi, a member of Amnesty International, said that what is needed now is a very difficult process. Companies now own property that would be a serious violation of basic human rights. Although many countries and cities around the world have enacted laws to minimize facial recognition, European countries are leading the way. But surprisingly, from 2015 to 2019, thousands of facial recognition patents have been filed, indicating an increasing flood.

Former Facebook expert and author Roger McName, on the other hand, says that what ClearView is doing thanks to its search engine shows the flaws in our broken copyright and patent system. Claire View has stated that its search engine is not a consumer product but has special purposes and will not be used for marriage, relationships or business. One of the troubling aspects of the Clearview Fee search engine is that it will be used by many US law enforcement agencies. They include 1803 different agencies and agencies, including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies.

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