Avoid touching these 2 topics when you meet a friend after a while

Meeting an old friend after a long time is a pleasant experience in which old memories and listening to each other’s stories and the desire to know each other’s situation make the meeting more interesting and pleasant.

But  There are two issues that, if touched upon, can turn a meeting into an embarrassing experience. One is income or source of income and the other is physical appearance.

Experts say that these two topics are such that if the friend in front is surrounded by the pains and sufferings of life, then such a question will make him psychologically very insecure. He will suffer from inferiority complex or if he tells the truth he will not be able to save himself from the pity of his friend.
Not to talk about physical appearance means to make his weight or any other physical defect a topic of discussion, to avoid it while the other sensitive topic is his income or source of income. In fact, this question should not be asked of any friend or person.

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