Put your face and voice on license and earn three and a half crore rupees

MOSCOW: A Russian robotics company has announced that anyone who legally allows him to use his facial features and voice will be paid a hefty 200,000 (PKR 35 million). According to Russian media, the offer is from a company called Promobot, a Russian company that manufactures humanoid robots on an industrial and commercial scale.

Put your face and voice on license

Promobot says it has recently received an order from a major international client to develop a robot whose face and voice are both those of a real and living human.

To this end, ProMobot has announced that it invites applications from all people of any country, region, color and race in the world who can license their face and voice for life. However, the applicant must be 25 years of age or older. The selected person will be paid 200,000in return but only once.

As soon as the client of the promobot finally selects a person’s face, a 3D model of that person’s face will be made after legal agreement so that the robot can be given that face. In addition, the selected person will have to record their conversation for 100 hours which will be made the voice of this robot. The promoboat did not say who its “international client” was, but speculated that it could be a large technology company.

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