10 littering machine daily from air

New York: So far, we had just read the experiences of water from the air, but a new machine can produce 10 liters daily water daily. Its healthy water is much better than any mineral water. This machine has developed the Carpeaor Company of the New York. This machine named Pavar is capable of changing the air to the air. It maintains the water over the health level under +9.2 PH (quantity of hydrogen icons).

The modern system in the machine continues as well as water treatment process. This machine can provide 10 liters of water on a daily basis in 24 hours. When the machine enters the machine, it passes through the process of heating and cooling system, after which the water comes into existence. This water is capable of drinking in every way, clean and frozen. The Crown Funding Website Any Gogo got it instantly desired investment. The price of a machine is 1200 dollars.

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